2285 Main St
Buffalo, NY


7am – 3:30pm,
7am-1pm, Saturday
Closed Sunday


Serving Buffalo
Since 1981

“Tony’s Ranch House” restaurant came into being in the fall of 1981 and was incorporated in the summer 1998. The property, originally known as “Henry’s Hamburgers”, was purchased from a popular Buffalo Bills football player and a young Pitliangas family made it into a popular North Buffalo neighborhood eatery. It is still in business today after 30 years of operation.

In all these years, while the restaurant has endured the many neighborhood changes, we have been steady and true to our customer base. There is no other small family restaurant of this type in our neighborhood. What have kept this restaurant in this business are our regulars, that, still come from all surrounding areas. On occasion, our customers refer to it as the “Neighborhood Cheers”. They mostly know each other and talk about politics, sports, families, their health and “How’s Christina doing today”. We are great full for the loyal team workers we employ. Another reason why our customers are still coming is due to our good food menu, featuring a light Greek-American cuisine. We are well known for 3 generations now, for our Texas-Hots, a sauce that had its origins in Southern California. It is a Tex-Mex recipe. It was brought to Buffalo in the 1950’s by Emmanuel and Agnes Manios and it was served at their restaurant called “Texas Hots” on nearby 1411 Jefferson Avenue. When their nephew Tony acquired it, it became “Tony’s Texas Hots”. It was later moved to “Tony’s Ranch House.” Today, it is Emmanuel’s job to make our secret sauce in the same quality and consistent manner that our customers like!

We believe the current economy will improve with time. As with other business in the area, we are trying to sustain and grow the business to what it once was! Now, with our participation with the “Parkside Community Association” we have the opportunity in working with a NYS Main Street Grant to improve along with others, our two-block neighborhood area. We are grateful, because, this will help us make our added investment more affordable, get more things done and at a quicker timeline. We will modernize our building inside and out, improve the surrounding property and equipment to be more efficient. Our regulars will continue to come back and this planned modernization will also bring in more Main Street passers-by for a formula that will succeed. The key element here is that, we make a good quality product at the right price and our customers do come back for it. Our plans include, increasing our personnel, extend the hours of operation, initiate the use of the internet for marketing our products, use of a fax for pre-ordering of food, initiate the use of major credit cards, and therefore, improving our food services to our current and new customers. In other words, we can bring our business to the twenty-first century.

We also believe in the viability of this area, however tough it may be.